Sperm whale fountain for Stavoren (11fountains)

Stationsweg, 8715 ES Stavoren Stavoren

Sperm whale fountain for Stavoren

The sea gives, the sea takes. Stavoren, once a wealthy Hanseatic city, can speak for itself. Floods, seafaring wars, a harbor that silted up: several times the city fell into poverty. But each time it revived itself and seafaring and fishing brought new prosperity. Folk tales like "The Lady of Stavoren" tell of that fickle fate. 'The Fish for Stavoren' adds a new story, with a nod to a symbolic print by Pieter Bruegel the Elder: 'How big fish eat little ones!' We see how the huge open maw of a mighty fish lures us in past its water-spraying lips. Who escapes the dance in Stavoren?

Artist: Mark Dion

Year built: 2018