SSHUW Thaborhoeve (Tirns)
Thaborwei 10 Tirns -plan route

Terp digging of the monastery terp was in 1892, the terp earth brought 70 cents a ton. Northwest of the monastery terp Thabor, during excavations in 2006, the small wooden vessel was found which is now on display in the Frisian Maritime Museum, a special find because it is the oldest preserved vessel in Friesland. The particularly well-preserved little vessel was found about 2.5 meters below ground level. It is seven meters long and 1.40 meters wide. The strakes are made of oak. Study of the annual rings showed that the trees must have been felled between 1180 and 1188 in Denmark or northern Germany. From this it can be inferred that trade relations already existed at that time between the Northern Netherlands and the aforementioned countries. The little ship was built in Friesland

The farmstead was built on the ruins of the old Thabor Kleaster. The monastery was founded by knight Rienck Bockema in 1406 and continued to exist until 1572. The monks of Thabor contributed to the construction of the dikes in what was then the Middelzee. These dikes are still present in the landscape. Southeast of the village is an American windmill dating from 1922, which was designated a national monument in 1999.

Thabor tille

The bridge over the Frjentsjertersfeart gets its name from the nearby monastery Thabor. We are here in one of a large number of Hemmen in this area, the Skerhim. The hems originated about a thousand years ago as polders in the Middelzee. The Frjentsjertersfeart is one of the many feeder waterways which run from all corners of the province towards Sneek, Sneek is like a spider in a web of waterways. Through the centuries Sneek has been of great importance and significance as a trading center for the agricultural companies in a large radius around Sneek and especially for the southwest corner of Fryslân. Other waterways of similar importance are the Swette or Leeuwarder trekvaart, the Wâldfeart, the Boalserterfeart, the Geau and Houkesleat. There are also a number of smaller waterways which complete the web of waterways around Sneek.