SSHUW The Nuns (Scharnegoutum)
Lege Dyk Scharnegoutum -plan route

The nuns
The nuns fan it Nijkleaster, this artwork left for the bridge over the Swette is one of a series of 10 which the municipality donated to as many villages in the municipality. It was made by Anne Haringa and commissioned by the Kulturele ried fan Wymbrits as a memento of the women's monastery Auladei or Nijkleaster which was built in 1233 on the edge of the then and previously mentioned Middelzee, now on the Leeuwarder straatweg at the exit to Sibrandabuorren. After the prohibition of Catholic worship by the states of Fryslân in 1580, the monastery was closed. The possessions and lands then went to the newly founded OBW. In 1915 the monastery mound is excavated and quite a few candlesticks etc. are found. In 1956 the last remains of the monastery's foundation were excavated and removed. It Nijkleaster was a sister convent of Bloemkamp near Bolsward.

Tollhouse 1823 (White house left of the bridge on the Swette)
The previously mentioned Swette with on the other side of the bridge one of the mentioned tollhouses which was built and leased by the municipality of Sneek in 1823. The houses on the Swettewei north, in the direction of Leeuwarden, belonged to Goënga until 1922. Behind these houses was the towpath along the Swette. The names Hegesyl and Kromme Tille refer to a lock and a bridge over the Swette which once existed. The Hegesyl was in the past about 300 meters away in the direction of Sneek and was once a drainage sluice. The Kromme Tille was a kilometer away in the direction of Leeuwarden.