Statue of a waiter (location Antoniusplein)

Sint Antoniusplein Sneek Sneek -plan route

Model for the statue was Leo Reijs, who had been maître d'hôtel of the famous restaurant Excelsior of hotel de l'Europe in Amsterdam. The initiator of this statue was Jaap Piso, the last of three generations of catering entrepreneurs of café restaurant Piso in Sneek. His business - for lack of succession - made way for the new Amrobank building. He wanted to have a statue of a host made as a tribute to hospitality and as a reminder of his business. His choice fell on Leo Reijs, with whom he had once dined. His stylish appearance inspired him to have a statue of a host in a dress suit designed. Unfortunately, Mr. Piso was not allowed to live to see the realization of his idea. The statue was unveiled by Mr. Van der Zee, a relative of Jaap Piso, in the presence of then-Mayor Hartkamp.

Inscription: here stood restaurant PISO. Three generations of this family were the hosts from 1911-1978.