Street art, Kees Kikker
Leeuwarderweg Sneek -plan route

Kees Kikker is a picture book figure from Tough Animals and is located on the Leeuwarderweg.

Frogs belong to the vertebrates; they have four legs but no tail and are thus different from most other amphibians. All frogs have a flattened, pear-shaped body and bulging eyes. The head and mouth are broad, and the long hind legs are strongly muscled and well developed. Frogs are the only animals that have a croaking bladder and use it to make species-specific sounds to attract each other. Like other amphibians, frogs are cold-blooded, to this both their circulatory and respiratory systems are adapted. A number of species keep a summer rest or hibernate to endure very hot and cold seasons, respectively. The development from larva to adult frog is unique among vertebrates. Frogs go through a complete metamorphosis in which the larva looks completely different from the adult frog.

The Leeuwarderweg received its name in 1842 and was named after the city of Leeuwarden, in which direction the road leads from Sneek. The road was one of the first paved roads in Friesland and was to provide stimulation and improvement of road transportation. Outside the city, the road is also known as N354.

On the Leeuwarderweg is the Leeuwarderweg Sports Park of the same name and the Zwette forest.