Street art, Octo Tentacle
Singel Sneek -plan route

Octo has her tentacle out on the Singel.

Octo Tentacle (English: Squidward Tentacles) is a character from the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants created by cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg. Octo made his television debut in 1999. Voiced in Dutch by Jan Nonhof, Octo works behind the cash register at the Krokante Krab. He hates his job and he likes to dream about being fired. He does not work seriously and is the opposite of Spongebob. Outside of work, Octo is a contemporary artist who paints portraits. In his spare time, he plays the clarinet for which he is not always talented, depending on the episode's story. Octo would like to become famous and rich and have a bunch of hair (which he used to have). Although a real octopus has eight tentacles, Octo Tentacle has only six, including two arms and four legs.


Squids are a class of animals belonging to the tribe of mollusks. The scientific name, Cephalopoda, is derived from Greek and literally means cephalopod. This name was so chosen because the tentacles resembling arms are arranged in a circle around the animal's mouth. Squids get their name from the fact that they are capable of squirting ink to block an opponent's vision. Squids are found only in salt water and live in all the world's oceans. They are capable of changing color. Most squids grow quickly and have short lives, usually living only one to two years, with the exception of several deep-sea and polar species and the nautilus, which can live much older. They propel themselves by pumping water into their mantle which they forcefully squeeze out again, along the siphon. All cuttlefish are carnivores. Their diet consists mainly of fish, crabs, lobsters and mollusks which they catch with the suction cups on their prehensile arms.


The Singeld used to be called "the Back" because of the back of the properties on Grootzand. And the other side of the canal was called the Singel (filled-in canal). The Singel was in earlier times an important supply water in Sneek. Many traders lived by the water. There was a lot of activity on the Singel.