Street art, Stijn the rabbit
Martiniplein Sneek -plan route

Stijn the rabbit watches over Sneek's Martiniplein.


A rabbit is a mammal. A rabbit has a soft fur and long ears. The most famous fictional rabbit is Miffy by Dick Bruna. Many people think rabbits are rodents but they are hare-like animals. You have many different types of rabbits such as: the hanging ear, Flemish giant, dwarf rabbits, rex rabbits, etc. They all have a different character. Rabbits also live in the wild. In the forest, for example. There you just can't pet them. In the forest they are very skittish, that's because they live in the wild. They are not used to people so they also find it very exciting/scary. Rabbits do need good care, so you need to be sure you can handle having a rabbit as a pet.

Martini Square

Until the nineteenth century, the cattle market was located on today's Martini Square. The later site of the cattle market was used as an ice rink and handball field around the beginning of the 20th century. In 1910, the cattle market moved from the Martini Square to the current square. Goats and cows were mostly traded at the market. The Martiniplein is now in use as a parking lot in the center of Sneek.