Street art, Teun the Seal
Lemmerweg Sneek -plan route

Teun the Seal has a spot on Lemmer Road.

Seals or seals (Phocidae) are a family of marine mammals. They belong to the predators (Carnivora). About 90% of the roughly 11,000 seals of the Netherlands are found in the Wadden Sea; there are further populations in the Ooster and Westerschelde, among others. In Belgium, due to the tightness of the coast, they are rarely seen. Young seals that have lost their mothers are also called howlers. Seals are usually white in color when they are born. Seals are also found near both poles. They are important prey animals for polar bears and orcas.

The Lemmerweg is an important through road on the edge of the Hemdijk district in Sneek. The road received its name in 1843 and was named after the town of Lemmer, in which direction the road goes from Sneek. The road was one of the first paved roads in Friesland and served to encourage and improve road transportation.
On the Lemmer road is the Hotel Ozinga, the Water Tower and the Waterpoort.