Street art, wedding cake
Marktstraat Sneek -plan route

This street art wedding cake is located near the city hall of Sneek, where many couples say their 'yes'.

Streetart, wedding cake

A wedding cake, or also called wedding cake, is the cake traditionally consumed at a wedding. A wedding cake is usually a white whipped cream cake with several tiers, which sometimes also rest on sugar pillars. On top of this cake, sugar pieces or plastic figurines symbolizing the bride and groom are usually placed. The wedding cake is cut by the bride and groom together. The first piece of the wedding cake is for the bride and groom who take turns feeding it to each other.

Market Street

The Marktstraat is a street in downtown Sneek.

The road is named after the market that used to take place on the street. On the Marktstraat is the City Hall of Sneek. Other special buildings on the street include the Waltastins, Wijnberg and the former town hall of Wymbritseradiel. Previously the Waag also stood here; it was set on fire by the occupying forces in 1945. Earlier a fire had taken place in the street in 1925, damaging many buildings.

Next to the town hall stood the Decama or Gruitersmastins until 1633. The special width of the street comes from the filling of a ditch. This ditch ran in the 15th century between the Hemdijk and the houses on the south side of the Market Street.