Streetart Grutte Pier
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Grutte Pier

Pier Gerlofs Donia, Grote Pier / Grutte Pier, was a Frisian warlord, freedom fighter, privateer, pirate and folk hero. This famous farmer from Kimswerd fought hard for an independent Friesland in the early sixteenth century. At the end of his life he lived in Sneek where he also died. He is buried in the Martinikerk in Sneek.

Film premiere Grutte Pier
Leaver dea as sleaf

There is currently a film in the making that will premiere in October 2022 by Steven de Jong Films with Milan van Weelden as Grutte Pier.


Grutte Pier stands in front of the former Noorderpoort in this street art painting. Built around 1493 as part of the Fortifications of Sneek, this gate was located on the Bolswarderweg and formed the entrance to the town from the direction of Bolsward.

On both sides of the gate were towers with a stone staircase on the west side. In the tower the city gunpowder and ammunition were kept, later the building served as a prison. In 1770 the building was embellished with the Coat of Arms of Sneek and two carved vases. At some point the gate was no longer needed for defense and the space was needed for the widening of the Bolswarderweg. On this, the Noorderpoort was demolished in 1843.
The Waterpoort has remained as the only city gate and is the image of Sneek.
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