The Bolwerk in Sneek

Kerkgracht Sneek Sneek

Het Bolwerk is the contemporary name for the area around the remains of a bastion (or bulwark) on the Kerkgracht in Sneek. The area was an extension of the defensive rampart and is one of the few remnants of the Fortifications of Sneek. There were in all likelihood also bulwarks at other places in the enclosure of Sneek, but these have not survived. In 1724 the bolwerk was planted with elms, some of which are still present. In the bolwerk is the Kerkgracht-Poortje. Originally it was used, among other things, for manure removal from farm behind it. Northeast of the Bolwerk stood the Noorderpoort, which has not been preserved. Furthermore, in the twentieth century, on the corner of Kerkgracht stood a bandstand, on the site of the former Noorder Rondeel.
The former teacher training college is home to pop venue Het Bolwerk, part of Cultuur Kwartier Sneek.

The Noorderkerk is a former church and nowadays theater in the city center of Sneek. It is part of Theater Sneek and Culture Kwartier Sneek. The church building was built in 1881 to architecture by J.P. Hogendijk and was used as a Reformed Church until July 1, 2001. After the closure of the church, the building was used as an apartment building for some time. The building was extensively renovated in 2008, restoring it to its former state. Since then, the church has been part of the Cultural Quarter of Sneek. Since 2007 the building houses an organ from the Ichthuskerk in Sneek, which closed that year.Since 2010 Theater Sneek has been using the building. Until the construction of the new theater is complete, all performances are held here. As of October 2012, the Noorderkerk is part of the theater as being Noorderkerk Hall.