Theater Sneek

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In the heart of the city of Sneek stands the Theater Sneek. With its characteristic appearance, partly due to the 23 meter high stage tower, the theater is a real eye-catcher in the Waterpoortstad. The beacon also indicates which genre is playing in the theater that evening.

The Theater Sneek has replaced the former post office on the Westersingel and is part of Cultural Quarter Sneek. Architectural firm Alberts and Van Huut provided the Theater with a whimsical interplay of lines and colorful entrance that fits in with the surroundings. On the roof of the former post office, the architects devised a park that connects to the green lung that meanders through the surrounding neighborhood.

In July 2010, work began on the new building; the post office was demolished. The theater performances moved to the Noorderkerk, on the other side of the canal. Now performances of smaller scale still take place here.

Cultural Quarter Sneek
The Theater Sneek is part of the Cultural Quarter Sneek. Since 2006 we have worked on the creation of the Cultural Quarter. Besides the theater, the Cultuur Kwartier Sneek consists of the Arts Center Atrium. The arts center consists of four existing iconic buildings: the Noorderkerk, Popzaal het Bolwerk and the two school buildings on the Oud Kerkhof. These four buildings have been renovated and connected by a glass canopy, an atrium. The entire realization of Cultuur Kwartier Sneek was awarded by the Municipality of Sneek to Aannemingsmaatschappij Friso. Construction was completed in June 2012, and the theater was officially opened by the Queen on November 1, 2012.

Besides its striking exterior, sustainability is an important part of the theater. It uses cold and heat storage in the ground. Daylight is used in the auditorium as well as in the stage tower and adjacent workshop during the day. Furthermore, the temperature in the building is easily maintained through the insulating effect of the roof vegetation, and solar energy and low-energy lighting are used.

The largest theater of Theater Sneek has been given the name Tüöttenzaal (pronounced: teutenzaal). The theater's small hall is the Noorderkerkzaal, the former temporary location of the theater on the Kerkgracht. The tüötten were itinerant merchants, selling mainly textiles. The Brenninkmeijer family is a very famous example of this. They founded the first Dutch branch of the C&A empire in 1841 at Wijde Burgstraat in Sneek.

Drama tower
At 23 meters high, the theater's stage tower is a striking feature. This tower houses the technical facilities for the performances. The beacon on the front of the tower indicates which genre is being performed in the theater that evening.