Tonnema Roll peppermint (Kleinzand Sneek)

Kleinzand De Eerste Rang Sneek -plan route

The artwork Peppermint was designed by visual artist Henk Lampe from Sneek, commissioned by the Kingfabrieken Tonnema B.V..

The monument was presented to Mayor Mr. Bernhardus van Haersma Buma on Tuesday, September 9, 1986, by director De Vries of Tonnema BV. The artwork is made of marble. On a black paved surface are placed a standing and a reclining roll of peppermints, with a few peppermints "falling" out of the reclining roll. On another, black-checkered background, there are loose peppermints that give the impression of being part of a game of checkers. The artwork stands on Kleinzand in the courtyard of 'De Eerste Rang,' a housing complex for the elderly. At this location in the inner city of Sneek, Tonnema's King factory stood for over seventy years. The artwork contributes to the memory of that period, as does, incidentally, the name of the housing complex and two old gable stones installed in the moat facade of the apartment building.

The Tonnemafabriek was founded in 1902 by Nicolaas de Vries and gained great fame with King peppermint and later Rangsnoepjes. A factory was built in the 1950s on Oude Oppenhuizerweg for those new Rangsnoepjes, to which, at a later stage, the peppermint production and offices moved. The old factory complex on Kleinzand was replaced in the years 1984-'86 by De Eerste Rang, an apartment complex with 47 homes.