Watersport (Houkepoort district, Houkeweg Sneek)
Houkepoort Sneek -plan route

The artwork was designed by the Amsterdam sculptor Herman J. van der Heide. The commission came from the former city council of Sneek. The sculpture was placed in August 1963, concluding a major renovation of the Oosterpoorts bridge. Indeed, in 1961 and 1962 the sixty-year-old Oosterpoorts swing bridge was replaced by a concrete overpass. Former Sneker Herman van der Heide manufactured a sculpture in reinforced concrete whose shape is reminiscent of a sailing ship. In doing so, he fulfilled the former city council's wish that it should refer to water sports. Van der Heide was also commissioned by Public Works of the City of Amsterdam to make a number of sculptures for bridges there as well. In 2020, the artwork was moved to the new housing estate Houkepoort, Noorderrak.