Wheels (station square Sneek)

station Sneek -plan route

On Tuesday, September 24, 1985, the management of the Rabobank in Sneek and artist Frans Ram from Hogebeintum officially presented a new work of art on the Stationsplein to Mayor B. van Haersma Buma of Sneek. Frans Ram crafted a work of art from Belgian bluestone and marble that expresses the connection between the various forms of public transportation represented around the square: train and bus. The work consists of a train wheel on a piece of rail. The rail turns into a road marking along which a bus wheel is placed. The transition shapes the movement of public transportation.

The wheels and rail are made of hard stone, the road markings are made of marble. The work of art was paid for by the Rabobank, which donated ƒ15,000,-- to the former municipality in 1984 on the occasion of the opening of the office on the Marktstraat. For this sum, the former municipality decided to have a work of art made that had to have a relationship with public transport. This was because public transport plays an important role in a center like Sneek and because in 1985 a reconstruction of the Stationsplein had been completed. The new square could use some decoration.