Aron Elstak

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On Nov. 25, 2024, enjoy Aron Elstak with his new show "Dessert" at Theater by the Water, a unique show full of funny characters, songs and clever talk.
  • Monday 25 November18:00 - 22:30

Aron Elstak is back, and this time he's on stage alone! He says goodbye to old memories and is now searching for his place in the present moment. His new show, called "Dessert," is full of funny characters, songs and smart talk in which he talks about things that matter now, like social media.

In "Dessert," Aron throws out all rules and norms. He tries to connect in a world where people often disagree.

Aron supports Black Lives Matter AND loves kale with sausage. Aron is half Surinamese-Indonesian and half Frisian. He wants to belong to everyone, but the most important thing is that he can be himself, in all his colors. According to Aron, an ice cream only tastes really good when you put colored disco dip on it.

In "Dessert," Aron plays with prejudices people already have and new ideas. He makes jokes and organizes a party with confetti for anyone who wants to celebrate with him, in his own way: with big and small songs, characters and surprising twists. But now more involved than ever.

Aron is part of the regular team of Spijkers met Koppen (BNNVARA) on NPO Radio 2, where he has written and performed more than 60 pieces and songs. He also sings the regular Spijker song, which is sung at the end of every broadcast.

In February 2022, he released his new song "#Jacques." He was commissioned for this by the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival because he plays so well with language and music, and with "#Jacques" he has shown that again.

Keep an eye on the Theater aan het water website for the final location!

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