Kleintje Sneekweek Stappersavond 2024
Marktstraat 25 Sneek -plan route - website
Kleintje Sneekweek, also known as 'Sneek's Stappers night' on the Friday night after Ascension Day
  • Friday 10 May20:00 - 01:00

Little Sneekweek stag night
On the Friday night of the Ascension weekend, and the weekend of Kleintje Sneekweek, a stappers' night is organized on Friday night. During this bar night in the center of Sneek there will be live music and/or a live DJ in many pubs that guarantee a swinging evening!

The program will follow a.s.a.p.

Small Sneekweek Sailing
From Ascension Day onwards, around 300 skippers annually sail for four days with their crews in 20 classes during the Kleine Sneekweek sailing competition. But as we know, in the Sneekweek, and also in the small Sneekweek, it is not only about the honor. The atmosphere is at least as important. That is why on the Friday night there is a step night with swinging music.