Flying out students (Parallelweg Sneek)
Parallelweg Sneek -plan route

During the 1958 expansion of the Christian teacher training school on Parallelweg, the artist Anno Smith of Eelderwolde installed several wall decorations on the side and front facade of the building. At the reopening of the school, Smith explained that the ceramics on the side facade represent a fountain spouting from the Christian monogram. The fountain is surrounded by three flying birds, representing the students. The students fly out after receiving food from the source (the school).

The ceramic tableaux installed on the façade in 1958 have since disappeared. They were four tile-shaped representations:

1. The all-seeing eye with sun, moon and stars, together depicting the universe.
2. A column of water and the Christian monogram above a dragon, symbolizing the victory and suppression of Satan.
3. A dove descending to earth and a blazing fire, representing the Holy Spirit.
4. Grapevines and ears of corn, representing Holy Communion. With the whole, the artist wanted to represent creation, with the elements creative spirit, water, fire and earth.

The Christian training school, later pedagogical academy, moved into the De Him building on the Hemdijk in 1974. The building on Parallelweg was then occupied by the Roman Catholic Mavo, which has since merged into the Regional Comprehensive School (RSG). In 2004, work began on converting the school building on Parallelweg into an apartment complex.