Gable stone Magister Alvinus Sneek
Van Giffenstraat Sneek -plan route

Gable stone above the door of the state comprehensive school Magister Alvinus on van Giffenstraat.

Four standing figures surrounding a seated figure. It is not certain, but likely, that this is the legendary Frisian writer, rector and teacher Magister Alvinus (1400).

The national comprehensive school Magister Alvinus is a municipal Monument. The building was designed by G. Friedhoff in 1941. After pile driving, construction came to a halt due to lack of materials. Construction resumed in 1947 and the opening took place in September 1950. The north wing was not completed until 1958. The school building is worthy of protection as a fine example of the traditional style prevalent in the earlier reconstruction, the so-called Delft School.