Market 23 (evening)
Marktstraat 23 Sneek -plan route

This building at 23 Market Street housed hotel-restaurant De Wijnberg for many years. The hotel opened its doors as an inn in 1651. On the site of the eastern part of the building, Hajo Eelkes Napjus had a candle-making shop; he was the son of chronicler Eelco Napjus who earlier also lived in this building. The building had a stepped gable until the eighteenth century and was occupied by city assistant Johannes Schaaf in 1786. In 1842, the building received its present form. The present building consists of two united buildings under a transverse gable roof. There is a wine cellar under the building.

On May 11, 1940, the surrender of the city in favor of the German occupiers was signed in the hotel. After World War II, the hotel was temporarily renamed the Windsor Hotel by the Canadian liberators. The building served as an officers' mess. On July 30, 1947, Prince Bernhard was present here, having a meal with the Sneker Town Council.

In 1974, the building was protected as a national monument.

In 2016, the building changed hands and was converted into an attractive restaurant. Markt 23 with a beautiful interior opened its doors in 2018.