Monument to the unborn child (Alg. cemetery Kerkhoflaan)

Kerkhoflaan Sneek

Maker: Parents of unborn or prematurely deceased children and Stonemasonry Van Wijk
Placed: 2005
Material: granite
At the general cemetery stands a monument for children who died before or shortly after birth. On Monday, May 23, 2005, it was inaugurated during a meeting with those involved and alderman Jan Bargeboer. The monument was placed at the request of residents of the former municipality of Sneek, who felt the need for a place where they could commemorate the death of unborn or prematurely deceased children. The design for the monument was suggested to them by themselves. The monument to the unborn life stands near the first columbarium. With respect to the monument, this is a symbolic place. For it stands exactly on the border of the old part and the new part of the cemetery. Actually, therefore, it stands at the transition of the old and new thinking about dealing with death, within which nowadays there is also space for commemorating unborn children. This place is also near the children's graves. The design for the monument was executed and placed by Steenhouwerij Van Wijk from Sneek.