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Monument Perth Regiment

Sneek has had a special bond with the Canadian Perth Regiment since the liberation. Men of the regiment were billeted with Sneker families after the war, waiting for the troopship that would take them back to their homeland. The Perth Regiment's liberation activities in Europe began on November 8, 1943 in Italy (Naples). Via Marseilles and Belgium (Mons), this military unit advanced to the Netherlands. It fought near Nijmegen, Arnhem, Doesburg and Harderwijk. In 1945, the Perth Regiment was involved in fighting in northeastern Groningen.

However, the Perth Regiment was not involved in the liberation of Sneek. That task fell to the Canadian regiments The Queens Own Rifles of Canada and De la Chaudière. Six soldiers of The Queens Own Rifles of Canada died during the liberation battles west of the city. There is a memorial stone in one of the walls of the Martini Church for them.

The Perth Regiment arrived in Sneek on June 1, 1945. With great cordiality the Snekers offered shelter to the soldiers. All kinds of activities were organized to make the months of waiting as pleasant as possible for the soldiers, such as sailing races on the Sneekermeer, soccer, tug-of-war and shooting competitions, as well as dance evenings. Special church services were held periodically for the Canadians. The Perth Regiment's stay in Sneek lasted until the end of November 1945. The last fighters left on the night of November 27-28.

Numerous contacts remained between Snekers and Canadians after the war. Families on both sides of the ocean set up correspondence, called each other regularly and sometimes visited each other. The Perth Regiment later officially visited Sneek several times: in 1985 and 1990 at the commemorations of the 40-year and 45-year liberation respectively. In 1995 35 veterans undertook the trip to Europe for the last time.


The Regiment Perth Square is a traffic circle in the Zwette district of Sneek. The traffic circle features a Canadian "Maple leaf" in red-colored vegetation. One of the streets leading to and from the traffic circle is called the Kanadezenstrjitte.

The monument at the Regiment Perth square in Sneek is a stone memorial column with masonry plaque. It is dedicated to the Canadian liberators from the Regiment Perth, who liberated Sneek at the end of World War II.

Text on the monument:
"In grateful memory of the Canadians who helped liberate the Netherlands between 1944-1945 and in memory of the members of the Perth Regiment who stayed in our town from May - December 1945."