PvH Stroffelstiennen Black, Grote Kerkstraat Sneek

Grote Kerkstraat 14 Sneek

Samuel Zwart was born in Rotterdam on July 21, 1924, the son of Leendert Zwart and Carolina van der Wijk. He was a store and warehouse clerk by profession and lived at 14 Grote Kerkstraat until June 1941, when he left for Rotterdam again to live with his parents. On October 12, 1942, he was deported from Westerbork to Auschwitz. There the entire Zwart-Van der Wijk family, including Samuel, was killed in 1943: father, mother and seven children.

In 1941, Moses Jomtop Jacob de Wilde and his wife Bertha Valk lived at this address. Moses was a butcher and from a Jewish family that had lived in Sneek for generations. He was a son of Barend de Wilde (1849-1918) and Eva Duparc (1853-1911). Moses survived the war. In contrast, two sisters, one brother and ten cousins were murdered.