PvH Stroffelstiennen Mendelson, Napjusstraat Sneek

Napjusstraat 58 Sneek -plan route
Frederika Mendelson 1883-1943
Meta Clara Mendelson 1919-1943
Isaac Mendelson 1922-1943
Clara Hanna Mendelson 1927-1943
Napjus Street 58
Here lived the Mendelson-Onderwijzer family. Herman Mendelson (1882-1937) was a teacher of Classics at the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Sneek. He was also active in the local Jewish community. Herman Mendelson and Frederika Onderwijzer married in Zaandam in December 1918. Three children were born in Sneek: Meta Clara (September 28, 1919), Isaac Joseph (July 30, 1922) and Clara Hanna (May 4, 1927).
In 1939 Frederika and her children seem to have moved to Amsterdam, from where they were deported to Westerbork. From there, on March 23, 1943, Frederika and her daughter Clara were deported to Sobibor, where they were killed three days later. Son Isaac was deported from Westerbork to Auschwitz on Feb. 9, 1943. He was murdered there on April 30 of that year. Daughter Meta died in that same camp on Sept. 30, 1943.