Sculpture " Hûs...Hús...House...... "
Westhemstraat 46 Sneek -plan route

The sculpture symbolizes the stages of life in different layers and represents human life. Letters and numbers are milled into the steel, indicating that letters and numbers are among the most important symbols in everyone's life. This makes the sculpture less massive and gives shadow effects from the sun and light. With the rooms of life in this sculpture, the bottom segment represents childhood, above it the adult period and as the third room, aging. The last room is a closed room, here words are no longer needed, everything has already been said. This room is closest to heaven and represents the last phase of life. The phase in which hospice guests find themselves.

The image is not straight but bends slightly, there is movement in it. This indicates that even human life does not always go perfectly.....even that last bit.

The symbolism of the sculpture aptly expresses what the hospice stands for....a house, a home for people in the last phase of life, where people have a good time and where there is attention, warmth and space to end the last period of their lives as they wish.

The title is made up of the Dutch house, the Fryske hûs and the Sneker hús.

The artwork was realized thanks to the efforts of Gerrit Terpstra and various sponsors such as Douma Staal from Sneek, Nauta Snijbedrijf Sneek, the firm Postma en Groen and Ingenieursbureau Van den Lune and Rienksma BV. The company Vellinga from Heeg provided the foundation.

The sculpture is made of Corten steel, is 3 meters high and weighs 600 kg.