Sculpture Lankhorst (Sjarketorenstraat Sneek)
Sjarketorenstraat Sneek -plan route

On May 2, 1989, to complete the renovation of 362 municipal homes in Lemmerweg-Oost, Mayor Mr. Bernhardus van Haersma Buma and Deputy Director Edu Klobbie of Lankhorst Touwfabrieken B.V. unveiled a work of art at the corner of Frieswijkstraat and Sjarketorenstraat. It was a play sculpture created by Henk Lampe, who used plastic waste material from Lankhorst for this purpose. In his design, Lampe was inspired by the history of the neighborhood. His creation consists of six white and blue blocks with a base area of one square meter, the top of which depicts a graph that expresses the up and down line of the neighborhood history. Lampe was eager to work with materials from Lemmerweg-Oost-based Lankhorst, and this company was happy to cooperate. It put a lot of energy and development into the project. The artwork cost Fl. 13,000. The completion of the housing renovation prompted the contractors to make Dfl 3,000 available for beautification of the neighborhood. The province of Friesland supplemented this with a grant of Dfl 10,000.