Sneek, Goënga, Gauw, Griene Dyk, Sneek (18 km)

A beautiful route along the bike paths of Goënga, Gauw and via the Griene Dyk back to Sneek. A lovely hour of cycling through the rural surroundings around Sneek.

Gauw is located northeast of Sneek, between Sijbrandaburen and Goëngamieden. It lies in the Lege Geaen, a region of villages west and northwest of the Sneekermeer. The village center lies east of the Sneeker Oudvaart on the Boeijengastrjitte. The Kipsloot and Rollemersvaart also flow through the village area.

Goenga lies northeast of Sneek and southeast of Scharnegoutum. The village center is located on the Hege Wier and the Aldfaertsdyk. It is connected by an inlet, the Kerksloot, to the Sneeker Oudvaart, which flows south of the village center.

The car-free Groene Dijk runs right past the Sneekermeer lake with several large nature development areas along it that offer beautiful views, so this route is great for walking.


The Gate (Normandy Square)

Normandiaplein, Sneek

Church of Goënga

Hege Wier 28

Church (Gauw)


Griene Dyk

Griene Dyk

Jewish Monument (At deer park, de Hoopp park)

Burg. de Hooppark

Three generations (location Leeuwarderweg/Jachthavenstraat)

Leeuwarderweg Sneek