SSHUW The Stone Cliff

de Steenklip Sneek -plan route

The Steenklip lies against the Swette and is one of many old working-class areas of Sneek. It owes its name to the fact that long ago it was the storage of stone and rubble used to pave the towpath along the canal. Later, a stonemasonry company was located here and houses were built in which some of the stonemasonry staff also lived. Upon its acquisition in 1956, the stonemasonry was named "de Steenklip" and still later became royal. In 1975, the stonemasonry was moved to the industrial to make way for housing developments. Meanwhile, further the neighborhood between the Swette and the railroad had also been built up. This started with 1st and 2nd Steenklipstraat in 1875. The last houses in Steenklipstraten were built in 1915. After that the streets got more general names such as Priorstraat, Vesperstraat and Monnikstraat. In the district in the 19th century the municipality of Sneek also built a number of houses which were called "city rooms". These were known as the very worst accommodations exclusively for widows and other less fortunate people.