SSHUW Zwettebos
Leeuwarderweg Sneek -plan route

Along De Zwette on the north side of Sneek towards Scharnegoutum, a nice walk can be made through the Zwette forest. Here a sports fitness route has been created and there are several benches offering a beautiful view.

At the beginning of the 70's the Zwettebos was constructed as a compensation for the many disappeared green spaces due to the execution of the land consolidation "de Sneker Oudvaart". This land consolidation roughly covered the area between the Leeuwarder straatweg and/or Swette to Reduzum, Irnsum, Oudeschouw, Snekermeer, Oppenhuizen, Uitwellingerga and Sneek. Recreational lake De Potten at the Sneekermeer is also left over from this as a result of sand extraction for the roads in the area. Since 2005 the Middelsé route has also been through here with the new bridge in the Leeuwarder straatweg. This is sailing route between Leeuwarden and Sneek where old times are revived. One can now again sail with a boat up to a height of 2.5 meters from Leeuwarden to Sneek. This has not been possible for 35 years because fixed bridges in the Swette were built too low everywhere. And because the passage through Sneek was no longer possible, also because of the too low bridges, a detour around Sneek was constructed. This is a project within the framework of the Frisian lakes entitled borderless sailing. This project is now completed so that one can sail in a boat with a maximum height of 2.50 meters along all 11 cities.