Street art, Eeke the Squirrel

Singel Sneek Sneek -plan route

Eeke the Squirrel lives in a tree on the Singel Sneek.

This street, the Singel, used to be a city canal, but it was filled in stages. The filling was completed in 1952, creating a very wide through street. A pipe for the circulation of canal water still runs under the road surface.

The squirrel is a rodent animal in the squirrel family. The squirrel is best known for its large fluffy tail and cuddly appearance. A squirrel is 20-28 cm long and weighs 250-350 grams. The squirrel's tail is between 15-20 cm long.The color of the squirrel's fur can vary greatly. For example, its fur can vary from black to yellow, with different shades of red and brown in between. The most common species in Europe has a reddish-brown color with a white belly. As squirrels age, the color of the fur can become grayer. The squirrel's tail allows squirrels to keep balance. They also use their tails as umbrellas or parasols to block out the sun or rain. Their long curved claws allow squirrels to climb and jump very well. Squirrels are also excellent swimmers.