Street art, Herman de Haas

Lemmerweg Sneek -plan route

Herman the Hare on Lemmer Road.

The hare (Lepus europaeus), also called the European hare to distinguish it from other hare species, is a mammal, belonging to the order of lagomorphs (Lagomorpha) like the rabbit, among others. The hare is common on the open grassland and agricultural areas of Europe and adjacent parts of Asia.

The hare has an elongated body, very long ears and long legs. The hind legs are longer and more powerful than the front legs. Each leg has five toes and hairy sole pads. Superficially, a hare looks much like the rabbit, but it is larger, with proportionally larger ears with black tips and longer limbs. A hare also moves about more by leaps and bounds.

The Lemmerweg is an important through road on the edge of the Hemdijk district in Sneek. The road received its name in 1843 and was named after the town of Lemmer, in which direction the road goes from Sneek. The road was one of the first paved roads in Friesland and served to encourage and improve road transportation. The Watertower and Waterpoort are also located on Lemmerweg.