Streetart, Jolly Jumper

Kleinzand Sneek

Jolly Jumper is a fictional horse from the Belgian comic series Lucky Luke created by Morris. In this comic series, he is the horse of the cowboy for whom the series is named.
Jolly Jumper is a gray with brown spots on his left side. Like Luke himself, his appearance has changed markedly over time. In the first albums, he was still more or less an ordinary horse. Later, he gained an expanded personality of his own. For example, he regularly provides his own commentary on the whole thing, serving as an "observer" of the story. In particular, he often comments on Lucky Luke because he has to ride again. Jolly can also do things in the modern albums that one would not usually expect a horse to do, such as play chess, fish and put on his saddle himself.


Jolly Jumper is stabled' on the Kleinzand. This is a quay and canal in the center of Sneek. The name is a corruption of the word zaan or sont, which is a narrow passage between wider waters. Unlike the Grootzand, the moat on the Kleinzand was still navigable.