Thaborhoeve (Tirns)
Thaborwei 10 Tirns -plan route

The farmstead was built on the ruins of the old Thabor Kleaster. The monastery was founded by knight Rienck Bockema in 1406 and existed until 1572. The monks of Thabor contributed to the construction of the dikes in what was then the Middelzee. These dikes are still present in the landscape. Southeast of the village is an American wind engine dating from 1922, which was designated a national monument in 1999.

Remains are still found in the ground that recall the monastery. The oldest vessel in Friesland was excavated here. A farm was built on the monastery land hundreds of years later and aptly named "Thabor Kleaster.

During the crisis years, the land around the farm was excavated twice. To remove the soil, a wide canal was built that we call the opvaart, because it leads to the Franeker canal. Because the land was excavated twice, the land is lower than the surrounding plots, which has resulted in a unique piece of landscape under the smoke of Sneek.

Nowadays the wine & culture farm is located here and is a relaxing location where one can enjoy the beautiful Frisian nature.