The jump from Old to New (Kon. Wilhelminastraat)
Koningin Wilhelminastraat Sneek -plan route

Koudumer artist Wigle Engelsma designed the work of art De Sprong van Oud naar Nieuw (The Leap from Old to New), which he manufactured together with young people from the neighborhood, who helped with collecting scrap iron and welding.
Assisted by Dirk Haagsma and Marten Atsma, Engelsma put the sculpture in place. Mayor Arno Brok and several local residents put the finishing touches to it on June 11, 2005, making prints of their hands in cement tableaus, which were placed near the artwork.

The Leap from Old to New is a six-meter high iron sculpture. The object consists of two poles with a batten over which a woman jumps with the help of a pole. The legs were made from old iron, while the batten and pole were made from new material, symbolizing that you can make something new and beautiful out of old stuff again.