Theater Sneek (evening)

Westersingel Sneek -plan route

The stage tower of Theater Sneek lights up every night in all the colors of the rainbow. With this the organization wants to send out a hopeful message in dark days and at the same time underline that the theater is there for everyone.

Normally the 23-meter beacon of light shines four to five times a week during performances. The color of the light corresponds to the genre of the evening. For example, red represents drama and green represents cabaret. However, due to the corona crisis, there have been almost no plays since March 2020. With that, the lights have been extinguished night after night.

For many, the illuminated tower is part of the Sneker townscape by night. From various quarters, residents have indicated that, in the already short winter days, the tower looks gloomy. Several requests were received to turn on the lights anyway, as a sign of hope in corona time.

The tower will be lit daily after sunset until 11:59:59 pm. As soon as theatrical performances are possible again, the lights will serve as the genre indicator as always.