Grutte Pier route

Grutte Pier is a Frisian folk hero who fought for the freedom of Friesland in the 15th century. There are several places in Friesland where he left his mark. This route explains some of these highlights and during the route you can enjoy the beautiful Frisian landscape.

This route was developed leading up to the film premiere of Grutte Pier, a trilogy by Steven de Jong, the 1st part of which premiered in Sneek in October 2022. The film Grutte Pier tells the magical story of Frisian clay soil, the soil where so much blood was spilled, where so many people lost their lives for their freedom and where there is so much spirit in that earth that it must be felt to this day.

Of course, this is the story of Frisian freedom fighter Pier Gerlofs Donia, but this is also the story of the battle of Warns where in 1345 many died and where Frisian independence was fought and won. It is actually a story of today. How a people still do not let themselves be dictated to by rulers from the west.....


Streetart Grutte Pier

Prins Hendrikkade 3

Sculpture of Grutte Pier

Brug over Grootzand/Hoogend

Grutte Pier, helmet


Grutte Pier, the siege of Sneek

Kerkhoflaan 31b

Grutte Pier, battle of Warns

Skarl, 8721 EX Warns

Grutte Pier statue Kimswerd

Jan Timmerstraat 1

Grutte Pier, sword

Wilhelminaplein 92

Grutte Pier Brewery

Bartlehiem 23

Streetart Grutte Pier

Prins Hendrikkade 3