Skeeler route Sneek, IJlst, Nijesyl, Sneek (± 12.50 km)

This skeeler route is a round trip Sneek - IJlst. During the round trip Sneek-IJlst you have 2 options.

Option 1: you skate along the concrete path (formerly the shell path; this is now asphalted) of the Geau to IJlst. Here you have a beautiful view over the water of the Geau and pass the Terpensmolen, Houtzaagmolen De Rat, Houtstad IJlst and the Elfstedenfontein of IJlst.

Option 2: if you want to skate along nice and fast, take the concrete path next to the Rijksweg; Lemmerweg, Sudergoweg.

In IJlst, you go a little bit through the center of town (Eegracht or Galamagracht), where it's a little less 'fast' inline skating, but it's good to sit there - halfway through the route - on the terrace with a cup of coffee and enjoy the picturesque Eleven Cities town of IJlst.

From IJlst, you come after 'the chisel' back on a concrete path and via Nijesyl you enjoy on the way back to Sneek on the Alde Hemdyk the vast and watery farmland.

Lots of skating fun!


Terpensmole IJlst

Sneekerpad tussen IJlst en Sneek

Wood sawmill De Rat in IJlst

Sneekerpad IJlst

Houtstad IJlst

Sneekerpad 14

11 cities fountain IJlst (11fountains)

De Dassenboarch

Beitel (IJlst Station traffic circle)