Skeeler trail (27 km)

Skeeling is "hot" and for good reason. It is the perfect the perfect sport according to the one and a half meter guidelines. You can do a lap around Sneek via the bike path that runs alongside the ring road. This is easily 12.50 kilometers. If you want to go a bit further, here is a nice skeeler route on mainly asphalt (bicycle) paths, with start and finish from Sneek.

Skeeler route: ± 27.50 km

Skeeler route Sneek, Scharnegoutum, Bozum, Easterweirrum, Reard, Dearsum, Sneek: approximately 27.50 km.

You start in Sneek on the Leeuwarderweg, and go past the animal shelter (Zwettewei) to Scharnegoutum. In Scharnegoutum you go through the village via the Legedyk and 'De Heide' and the Suderdyk you end up in Boazum. In Boazum you continue on the Hegedyk to Easterwierrum. In Easterwierrum you go via 'De Dille' to the 'Snitserdyk' (road Sneek Leeuwarden), then to the Tsienzerbuorren and turn right between Readuzum and Friens via the Rijksweg (Overijsselseweg) and further on again to the right and continue via the Learewei, Hegedyk to Raerd. You come through the Slotsdyk back on the Snitsterdyk, where you via the B road along the road Leeuwarden - Sneek skeelert back to Sneek.

Have fun!




The nuns (Scharnegoutum)

Lege Dyk