The Wooden House - RIGHT (12+)

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Listen to what I have to say, do you want to listen to what I have to say? Do you want to listen, are you really interested in listening to me? or Do you just want to fill your system with the judgments you have about me, about my origins or about my person, or about what I have ged
  • Saturday 30 Novembervanaf 20:15

In a church there is an absurd courtroom. Here judges, defendants,
victims and experts to maintain their humanity. Rituals and rules are supposed to bring order out of the chaos. Meanwhile, the audience sees the distinction between those involved becoming increasingly blurred.

TERECHT is an idiosyncratic mix of dance, live music and text. A performance based on courageous, tragic and hopeful stories of people searching for a way to give new value to what is broken.
To this end, playwright Maarten Smit of Wabi Sabi Theater interviewed several people (from offenders to prison officials) about our criminal justice system. He asked them about the impact of trial, punishment, detention and return to society. TERECHT is a whirlwind account of his findings.